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Getting your shipments through Customs has never been more complex. Even minor errors and oversights can attract hefty AMPS fines and result in costly supply chain holdups. At EDI Customs Brokers, we combine qualified and professional staff with technology, industry knowledge and personal service to provide you with professional results — cost-efficient and fast clearance, 24/7.

Our expertise includes tariff classification and duty rate management, accounting and billing management, and preferential trade qualification determination, including NAFTA.

EDI can electronically complete your cargo entries and manifests with all the mandatory information and submit them to customs via CADEX and ACROSS.

Regular management reports on all your import transactions are compiled by us according to your requirements for real-time and periodic management review and strategic planning.

EDI also offers a consultancy service, which can reduce costs and improve your profit margins with Duty Recoveries and Duty Drawbacks. We can review the effectiveness of your compliance policy and infrastructure with regards to new Customs regulations and initiatives such as AMPS, advance electronic notifications (ACI and ACE), CSA, PIP, C-TPAT and FAST, as well as help you strengthen your audit trail system.

Our customs compliance and clearance expertise lets you focus on your core business.

For support or more information about our services, please contact EDI Customs Brokers at 1-800-880-6743, or send an email.


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